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Clearing a double feed ar-14 m4 with magpul bad lever

Mark Allen : Thanks for the simple tutorial.
Derek Hodge : I had a question on my feed ramp my lugs have some gold looking stuff on them and I was wondering what it was thanks!!
Kimbo Phillips : All you have to do is change the bolt Carrier and you won't have that problem anymore
vince brandt : In my days in the corp its was a failure to extract

Yes, the AR-14 is a Real Gun...Sort Of

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The AR-14 was the subject of a widely-seen political gaffe a while back - but what was the real AR-14? Because yes, there was one! It was one of many firearms planned by Armalite, but not put into production...

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Comrade Internet : Rifle barrels exploding would be quite an issue.
FrankDaTank1218 : So Biden said "AR-14" as something to be banned but the actual AR-14 looks like something that wouldn't be banned.
BETTO : I would absolutely love a breakdown of all the ar patterns. That would be real cool
IAm TheBatmanXIII : "barrel exploding issues" lol
Sqeeye : Every time you mention that Armalite then sold the rights to Colt I cringe, knowing how that played out for them.

Colt didn't deserve it and Armalite deserved better.

Union Worker Responds to Biden's Threat Against "AR-14"

Joe Biden threatened to take this union worker’s “AR-14” in a train wreck of a viral video. That union worker’s name is Jerry Wayne and one day after the interaction, he went out and got an “AR-14” in honor of Joe. This is his message to America:
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Ross Luther : This man is brave enough to say his piece and stand on his conviction. Cheers!
shawn beazley : I’m a retired master sergeant and I couldn’t agree with you more. It was very very disrespectful how he reacted as well as responded to you
I am a Lazarus : Love this video. Myself and tens of Millions American Patriots are right with you brother.
Bernard Bredbenner Jr : "When government takes away citizens' right to bear arms it becomes citizens' duty to take away governments right to govern." Founding Father George Washington
Lisa or Bryan Austin : This brother's got it going on. Great words well spoken, Jerry.




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